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Has New Designed Cutters

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          After receiving a patent for our inside-out cutter design, we have been working on ways to improve on the design to make our cutters more useful to the industry. By controlling the feed and placement of the fiber into the blades, we were able to create a new 3mm cutter, which will cut online up to 500,000 total denier.
      These improvements can be made to the cutters we have sold and are used in the market today. Contact us about the conversions.
      A new market has surprised us. We have found more uses for our cutters in batch feeding. If you have a need to control the amount of fiber going into a continuous mix, contact us.
      Because of the different power or electrical requirements of the countries where these fiber cutters are sold, the cutters are not inventoried. The 3mm cutter and lab cutters will be designed for the customer personal requirements.
      For more information on our new inside-out cutters or about information to improve existing cutters please contact us. Cutters are what we do.

Thank You,
Lowell Harris, President
Renewable Fiber Inc.
PROPOSAL A proposal for a new inside out cutter

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